Friday, June 02, 2006

MySpace... it's no Jdate.

Dont get me wrong, MySpace is awesome in its own right. Jdate never let me fill the background of my profile with a pretty blue Louis Vuitton pattern, or force people to listen to my awful taste in music if they wanted to look at me, but at the end of the day, I have to say it, Myspace just doesnt stack up.
Maybe its because I have a personal attachment to Jdate. I did, after all, find a much better match for myself than I ever could have found on my own. I really dont think thats it though. I think its more that Myspace is fun, and Jdate is pretty much, and how can you really compete with that? You cant.
When I discovered Jdate, I felt like I had won the rich old man lottery. For years Id been trolling W bars and charity functions like a sucker, when all along some neurotic gold digging genius had already taken the time to meticulously organize all the attractive, wealthy Jewish men in the city!
Every once in a while, Ill find myself telling someone that they should join Myspace because everyones doing it and its a great way to kill time, but when I was on Jdate, I proselytized. I told friends, family, Christians, strangers on the street. I was a total zealot about it for months on end. The high (low?) point was telling a homeless woman on the subway who was begging someone to give her money for food one evening that if she wanted someone to buy her dinner, she should join Jdate like the rest of us.
Myspace has gotten me, lets see, back in touch with some old friends? Awesome. Jdate got me over $10,000 dollars in cash prizes and vacations in a 9 month period! Hello! Obviously the winner. Hands down.
SO, for those of you who somehow avoided my psychotic rantings when I was actually on the site, let me take this opportunity to use Myspace to spread the good word: Join Jdate now. NOW! Stop reading. Go join!
I still miss it everyday. Although being in love is a pretty good substitute.
I guess...