Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Homewreckers, Bitch!

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Muffin and I decided to start a support group. Well, really it’s more of a club.

It’s for homewreckers and sexual deviants. We feel that all those prissy bitches who beat their boyfriends into emotional submission and then connive them into marrying/impregnating them shouldn’t be the only one who get to act they’re members of a super exclusive club.

We were going to call it Homewreckers, Anonymous but that implies were trying to stop and/or that were ashamed. So we opted instead for the more prideful (if a tad ghetto) Homewreckers, Bitch!

We let Amanda in for almost banging that married fireman a few years back, and for dating her boss at Banana.

Membership benefits include a free Iced Grande Carmel Macchiato upon joining, a variety of candidates for the inevitable three ways, and getting to spend Holidays and weekends with your friends!

Trust me, this is something you want to get in on the ground floor of... our next group, The Second Wives Club, will be far more exclusive and there will be a base income requirement.