Friday, September 15, 2006

Number One

There are certain things we don’t say just because we don’t like the way they sound.

I’m unemployed.

I’m a 32A.

I met my boyfriend on JDate.

Today’s my anniversary.

I’m not one to celebrate events like anniversaries because I think they're cheesy and contrived. That said, this will be the 4th one year anniversary of my life. So far, it’s shaping up to be the best.

My first one year anniversary was with Brett. He suggested that I move in with him and after one year, I said yes. Then, we broke up.

My second one year anniversary was with Ed. He wanted to live together so after one year we found an apartment in midtown. Then we broke up.

My third one year anniversary was with tony. He said we could move in together and get married or he’d break my legs. I went with the legs. Then we broke up.

Anoosh and I celebrated by going to dinner and planning for next months orgy. Love, sweet love.

In honor of our one year anniversary, let me share this amusing anecdote with you... the first Jdate I ever went on was with this hot, rich tool named Dave. I was late for dinner and he was even later. He called to tell me he’d be there in a minute and that he was driving.

Dave said he’d be pulling up in his silver Jetta in just a moment. I looked out the window of the restaurant just in time to see Dave pulling up in his hard top S class Benz. He got out of the car, smiled at me and said “My god, did you really think I’d be driving a Jetta?” I giggled, rolled my eyes and ordered the lobster.

On my first date with Anoosh, I was waiting for him to pick me up outside of Bergdorf’s and he called to say he’d be pulling up in a second in his silver Jetta. No way I was falling for THAT one again!

Then he pulled up in his silver Jetta.

The rest is history.