Wednesday, October 11, 2006


When I was a sophomore at NYU, I took a projects course.

That's the fancy art major way of saying... do whatever the fuck you want really. We'd have topics, things like "identity" or "myth", and we had about a month to create a work which spoke to that topic. Anoosh refers to it as "that bullshit Freespirit 101 class you took".

Some people were too high to really care and would do shit like take polaroids of their twats while they were having outbreaks of weird shit for the "identity" project. Others got hardcore and had their named legally changed.

For the second to last project, the "myth" project, I needed a little extra credit since the instructor had little to no idea who I was, and generally identified me as "that girl who comes in half an hour late, gets a nose bleed and leaves".

The myth I chose was that of the pheonix. You know, the bird that lives a hundred years, then builds its own funeral pyre, lights itself on fire, burns to death and then rises from it's own ashes. I can kind of relate to that. On several levels.

So I went ahead and designed a pheonix tattoo and had it put on my neck. It was a huge success and I got an A.

The last project was called "autobiography", so I wrote one. More or less. The stories I included follow for your viewing pleasure.