Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sick Day

Yesterday was a fun day. I woke up looking pretty much like this guy.

Something bit me in my sleep and I woke up with huge, gross facial welts. My greatest fear was realized as my outside began to reflect the hideous deformities on the inside. I spent the day at home with my cats, who love me even when I'm grotesque.

It was actually worth the vile face welts not to be here for one day though. On the bright side, now the welts have gone down and it just looks like I have bad acne and some oral herpes, so my days going REALLY well.

On the bright side, I got to listen to the new Fergie CD about a million times during my convalescence. It's so good. And useful! I leaned how to spell delicious, glamorous, and tastey... although I think they spelled that one wrong.

It's a great CD to listen to while you're yaked out on Benedryl, since the lyrics make zero sense anyway. I listened to it again this morning and was amazed to realize she actually DID say "I be up at the gym just working on my fitness", wow.

Using his keen ability to sense my abject misery (which I assume he was given to compensate for his inability to read), Tony called me out of the blue. He does that every couple of months and leaves me angry messages. I would just change my number, but after the last breakup I swore Id nver change my number to avoid a guy again. I figure so long as he doesn't know where I live I'm good.

They're always of the "Youse betta cawll me back" variety... why he thinks that would be effective, I have no idea. Like I'm going to say to myself "Well, I really COULD use a little spice in my life right now... maybe it should be in the form of a reconciliation with my psycotic ex! I think I's WILL call him back."

Ultimately, there probably isn't even THAT much thought process behind his calls. I'm sure it's more like he picked up his phone, saw a number he didn't recognize and decided to call it and leave a scary voice mail for whoever it was. Then when it was over, his mind probably went back to it's resting state where it thinks about parmigiana and plays the theme from The Godfather.

That's what I like to imagine happens anyway.